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Our Experienced Team Will Lead You To Success

When you require an experienced team of consultants, Libertas Global is here for you. Our skills are of great support to businesses and nonprofits.

Business Consultants

Issues Management/Public Relations

Our extensive network of principals, consultants, and international associates allow us to offer comprehensive consulting services both locally and globally. Libertas works with non-profits and for-profits. In the areas of issues management and public relations, Libertas brings extensive experience in:

  • Developing Earned Media Opportunities
  • Building and Leveraging Third-Party Relationships
  • Building Coalitions and Strategic Partnerships
  • Developing Grassroots and Grasstops Support
  • Developing Creative Strategies for Shifting Public Opinion
  • Branding and Message Development
  • Strategic Communication (Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, Speeches, Radio)
  • Social Media Management

Government Affairs

In the public policy arena—from the State House to the U.S. Capitol to the European Parliament—we have the experience, expertise, and relationships to deliver results. Our vast network of associates across the United States and Europe bring wide-ranging expertise and connections in various public policy areas.

Libertas offers relationship building and opportunities for exchanging ideas through utilizing large and small events and conferences, roundtable discussions, panel discussions, and learning lunches in State Capitols, in addition to arranging for expert legislative testimony and traditional lobbying activities.

Capitol Dome

Libertas associates have a broad range of expertise in health and human services, tax policy, education, intellectual property rights, private property rights, privacy, First and Second Amendment issues, and problems related to the regulatory burden on businesses.


Campaign/PAC Consulting/Opposition Research

Our campaign and PAC division offers consulting services ranging from relationship development and coalition building to technical advice on adhering to federal laws to opposition research.

Libertas offers discreet, sophisticated intelligence gathering on political targets. Unlike standard opposition research firms that often employ entry-level database researchers, Libertas is able to deliver a superior service because it relies on the techniques and experience of the very best practitioners of intelligence collection in the world.

Business and Non-Profit Consulting

Rely on our skilled team for a range of business and non-profit consulting services. These include:

  • PR (Public Relations) Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Op-Eds
  • Meeting & Events Networking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Interim Management during transition
  • Publications
  • Third-Party Advocacy
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Personal Outreach
  • Marketing